Email Marketing

Cost effective, direct marketing tool that produces great results.

With Email marketing you can manage a database of customers, create custom branding emails for your business, send out highly targeted email campaigns in a second flat, and you can easily monitor the results of every campaign. This gives you more control of your business marketing strategies, what works, what doesn’t, and what converts and brings in repeat business or new customer referrals.

Email marketing is a very effective business marketing tool that is a perfect platform to integrate your online and offline marketing strategy together.

Benefits of email marketing include:

  • a personalised way to communicate with your customers
  • build customer relationships
  • engage and convert new prospects
  • be innovative and creative to educate, provide information, and entertain customers
  • use to inform customers of specials, updates, and events
  • encourage customer loyalty, customer retention and repeat business
  • builds trust and encourages interaction
  • advertise new products and services
  • low cost way to stay at the forefront of the customers mind
  • track your email open rate and monitor your campaign
  • makes you more money by bringing in repeat sales and new customer referrals

Ways to use Email Marketing


There are effective email marketing strategies that can be incorporated into almost any type of business. We help to

tailor-make a strategy that is designed for your business and appeals to your target market.

Here are just a few examples on how you could use email marketing.

  • If you have a retail business that predominantly sells products you can send your customers specials and invite participation in competitions to encourage interaction and additional customer referrals
  • If you are a hotel or venue you could have a newsletter to update your punters on all the things happening at your club or venue.
  • If you are a service professional, an e-zine (another word for a regular newsletter) would work perfectly for you. It doesn’t matter on your industry you can keep your business in the front of your customers minds by providing them with information they need and want. For example if you are a pest inspector you could send them information on what to look out for when trying to identify a pest problem. If you are a herbalist you could send your customers information on what kind of herbs to take to boost their immunity during winter and so forth.

The ideas are endless, you just need a little bit of creativity.

Need an email marketing software solution that can help you manage your campaigns?

We can provide you with the one of the best email marketing software that can help you manage your customers more effectively. It comes with loads of newsletter templates, detailed statistics, heaps of customising options and more. Contact us to discuss your needs.